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Alexandrina Ioana Scorbureanu

University of Padua, Department of Statistics, Padua, Italy

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Born: 1981

Interests: Statistics, Econometrics, Decision theory, Uncertainty, Labor market

My current research activity concerns the analysis of labor markets using microdata. My previous studies were focused on the following:
- decision theory: individual and collective choice models
- consumer behavior: heterogeneity and risk attitude
- transportation systems and time use models.

ResearcherID: AlexandrinaScorbureanu

Selected publications:
• A. Scorbureanu, A. Holzhausen. “CIPR- The Composite Index of Propensity to Risk”. In Allianz Working Papers Series, April , p. WP.147. 2011.
• A. Scorbureanu, A. de Palma, F. Perali, N. Picard. “The Re-Opening of The Ancient Silk Road as a Road to Peace in The Middle East: Estimation of Economic Costs,”. In ISBN 978-989-96986-1-01549. (ed.), Selected Proceedings of the “World Conference on Transportation Research” . 2010.
• A. Scorbureanu. “Least deviance bootstrap techniques to estimate aggregated production elasticity coefficients. Empirical evidence from the Palestinian industry, ” . “Dezvoltare durabila si energii regenerabile”, pp. 29-41, 2009.
• A. Scorbureanu. “Competition and Economic Convergence. Estimation of a Gravitational Model for the Aggregate Bilateral Trade of Romania, ” . Annals of Spiru Haret University, Economic Studies , Number 7 series V, , pp. 120-137, 2007.

Theses and dissertations:
• A. Scorbureanu. Discrete choice models applied to travel demand analysis: Focus on risk and heterogeneity. 2012.


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