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Who's who - Romanian scientists and scientists interested in Romanian science

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661. Filip Razvan Ghitescu European Commission - DG NEAR - Serbia Unit Bruxelles Belgium Capacity Building, EU Enlargement, Business Administration, International Economic Relations, Agriculture, IT
662. Mihai Ghitulescu Universitatea din Craiova Craiova Romania nationalism, ethnicity, electoral studies, populism
663. Iulia Ghiu University of Bucharest Bucharest Romania quantum information processing, quantum optics
664. Gilbert-Rainer Gillich Universitatea Eftimie Murgu Resita Romania vibrations, acustics, models and simulations, damage detection
665. Liviu Giosan Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution Woods Hole, MA USA Marine Geology, Paleoclimatology, Sedimentology, Science Policy
666. Leonard Girnita Karolinska Institute Stockholm Sweden pathology, cance, signal transduction, growth factors receptor
667. Mihai Girtu Department of Physics, Ovidius University Constanta Romania condensed matter physics (magnetic and conducting polymers), comupter simulations in physics
668. Marius Giuclea ASE Bucuresti Bucuresti Romania fuzzy systems, dynamical systems, genetic algorithms, stability
669. Razvan Giusca Universitatea Tehnica " Gh. Asachi" Iasi Romania concrete technology
670. Catalin Glava Babes-Bolyai University Cluj-Napoca Romania education, educational antropology, e-learning, identity
671. Bogdan-Nicolae Glavan Universitatea Romano-Americana Bucuresti Romania microeconomics, macroeconomics, monetary economics
672. VENDELIN FRANCISC GLAZER Universitatea de Vest " Vasile Goldis Arad" Arad Romania Contemporary History of Romania, Universal contemporary history, Archives, International Relations Theory, Central and Eastern Europe in sec. XX, Political doctrine, political parties, Construction and European integration, History of International Relations
673. Teodora Gliga BirkBeck College London England cognitive sciences, cognitive development ( language and visual categories aquisition)
674. Mihaela Gligor Academia Romana Cluj Napoca Romania philosophy, cultural studies, humanities
675. Ramona Gligor Universitatea de Vest " Vasile Goldis" din Arad arad Romania diabetes, adiponectin, visfatin, obesity
676. Ion GLUGA Patents / Intellectual Property / Trademarks / Technology Transfer / Licensing / Due Diligence Sydney Australia patents, trademarks, designs, copyright, mining
677. Ilona Gorog Hospice Casa Sperantei Brasov Romania terminal care, staff support, psychotherapy, psychodrama, Balint group
678. Gheorghe Gorun Universitatea Crestina Partium Oradea Romania hist, rel
679. Hadrian GORUN " Constantin Brancusi" University Targu Jiu Romania history, contemporary history, international relations, World War I, post-communism
680. Adrian Gozar Brookhaven National Laboratory Upton USA condensed matter: correlated electronic systems, superconductivity, magnetism
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