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Who's who - Romanian scientists and scientists interested in Romanian science

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641. Adriana Georgescu Institutul de Biologie si Patologie Celulara ' Nicolae Simionescu' Bucuresti Romania pathophysiology of cardiovascular system, diabetes, atherosclerosis, obesity, circulating microparticles, endothelial progenitor cells; pharmacology; tissue engineering;
642. Emilian Georgescu Research Center Oltchim Ramnicu Valcea Romania organic synthesis, N-heterocyclic compounds
643. Florentina Georgescu Research Center Oltchim Ramnicu Valcea Romania organic synthesis, N-heterocyclic compounds
644. Irina Georgescu Academia de Studii Economice Bucuresti Romania statistics, econometrics
645. Serban Georgescu NotoVox Boston USA Cardiology, Medical Devices, Digital Health, Start-ups, Entrepreneurship
646. Sabau Georgeta Valeria Faculty of Law, " Vasile Goldis" Western University Arad Romania law, Criminal law, human Rights, competition law
647. Iosif Gergen Universitatea de Stiinte Agricole si Medicina Veterinara a aBanatului Timisoara Romania analytical chemistry, food chemistry, biotehnology, QSAR, chemometrie
648. Nicolae Gheorghe Vildro Prod SA Drobeta Turnu Severin Romania industry
649. VASARU GHEORGHE National R& D Institute for Isotopic and Molecular Technologies, E-mail: gvasaru@hotmail. com Cluj-Napoca Romania Isotope Separation, Nuclear Energy, Nuclear Dating, Environment
650. Stefan Valentin Gheorghita Technical University of Eindhoven Eindhoven Netherlands Embedded Systems, Ambiental Inteligence, Compilers
651. Anca Gheorghiu Universitatea Hyperion Bucuresti Romania econophysics, alternative sciences, complexity, chaos theory, life-plexity, physics of society,
652. Anda Gheorghiu Hyperion University, Romanian Ombudsman Bucuresti Romania risk management, internal audit
653. Stefan Gheorghiu Centrul de Studii Complexe Bucuresti Romania Complexity sciences, self-organization, fractals, chaos, biomimetic engineering
654. Alois Ghergut Universitatea Alexandru Ioan Cuza Iasi Iasi Romania special education, social inclusion, inclusive education, social services management, design of social projects, education services management
655. Laurian Gherman Academia Fortelor Aeriene " Henri Coanda" Brasov Romania electromagnetic launch system, magnetic levitation, coilgun,
656. Luminita Ghervase Institutul National de Cercetare -Dezvoltare pentru Optoelectronica INOE 2000 Magurele Romania fluorescence, water, soil, hydrocarbons
657. Ionel-Dumitrel Ghiba Faculty of Mathematics, " Alexandru Ioan Cuza" University, Iasi, Romania and " Octav Mayer" Institute of Mathematics, Romanian Academy Iasi Romania continuum mechanics, microcontinuum media, waves, mixtures
658. Monica Ghioca Schlumberger Bucuresti Romania petrophysics, hydrocarbon
659. Eugen Ghita Liceul Teoretic Adam Muller Guttenbrunn Arad Romania modern history, demography, habitat, everyday life, eighteenth century, history of Transylvania, arad county
660. Rodica Ghita Institutul National de Cercetare-Dezvoltare pentru Fizica Materialelor Magurele-Bucuresti Romania condensed matter physics, semiconductors, device technology, laser diodes, lasers, materials processing, crystal growth, measurements and characterization
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