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Who's who - Romanian scientists and scientists interested in Romanian science

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261. Mihai Caramihai Universitatea POLITEHNICA Bucuresti Bucuresti Romania IT, Project management, Biotechnology
262. Ionela Carazeanu (cas. Popovici) Universitatea Ovidius Constanta Romania material science, nanomaterials
263. Irina Carceanu Metallurgical Research Institute of Bucharest Bucharest Romania powder metallurgy, nanomaterials, nanotechnology
264. Georgeta Cardos, Dr Institutul National de Cercetare-Dezvoltare " Victor Babes" Bucuresti Romania biology, molecular biology, genetics, molecular genetics, paleogenetics, human genetics, cancer genetics
265. Gabriela Carja Universitatea Tehnica Ghe. Asachi din Iasi Iasi Romania nanomaterials, advanced materials, physical chemical properties
267. Topala Carmen Mihaela Universitatea din Pitesti Pitesti Romania organic chemistry, liquid crystals, supramolecular chemistry
268. Adrian Stefan Carstea Institute of Physics and Nuclear Engineering Department of Theoretical Physics 470 Magurele Bucharest Bucharest Romania Nonlinear integrable systems, nonlinear evolutions equations, algebraic geometry, biological applications
269. Elfrida M. Carstea Institutul National de C-D pentru Optoelectronica, INOE 2000, National Institute of R& D for Optoelectronics Magurele Romania environmental science, spectroscopy
270. Stefan Cristian Castravete CAELYNX EUROPE Craiova Romania FEA, CFD, automotive, aerospace, powertrain, deterministic and random vibration, linear and non-linear dynamics, computational mechanics, aero-elasticity, acoustics, multi body dynamics
271. Corina CATANA Universitatea de Stiinte Agricole si Medicina Veterinara Cluj-Napoca Cluj-Napoca Romania plant biotechnology, biosafety, GMO, plant tissue culture
272. Angel Cataron Transilvania University Brasov Romania data mining, knowledge engineering, neural networks
273. Emil Catinas Institutul de Calcul " Tiberiu Popoviciu" Cluj-Napoca Romania numerical analysis
274. Cezar Catrinescu Universitatea Tehnica Gheorghe Asachi Iasi Romania catalysis, catalytic wastewater treatment, clays, zeolites, mesoporous materials
275. Vasile Aurel Caus Universitatea din Oradea Oradea Romania differential equations, applied mathematics
276. Alexandru Cazacu Seagate Technology Londonderry Ireland magnetic recording, surface science, nanodevices & memory
277. Cristina Cazan (Vladuta) Universitatea Transilvania din Brasov Brasov Romania pollution, solid waste, recycling, plastics, rubber
278. Alice-Corina Ceacareanu School of Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Sciences, State University of New York at Buffalo Buffalo USA Translational and Clinical Research
279. Alexandru Cecal " Al. I Cuza" University Iasi Romania radiochemistry, nuclear chemistry, nuclear fuels, inorganic chemistry
280. Rabontu Cecilia Irina Universitatea Constantin Brancusi Tg-jiu Tg-jiu Romania service, commerce, marketing
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