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Corabieru, Anisoara; Velicu, Stefan; Corabieru, Petrica; Vasilescu, Dan Dragos. STUDY OF THE BIMETALLIC LAYERS STRUCTURE BY SPECTROMETRY WITH LASER. Metalurgia International, 15 (1) , pp. A17-A19 , 2010.

Abstract: The bimetallic parts for auto-vehicles, type hypo eutectoid steel - alloy CuNiAl can be hardened by ageing heat treatment with a view to increasing the wearing resistance. Following this treatment, an intensifying of the process of precipitation of the chemical components that lead to the deposited layer hardening takes place. In order to spotlight these component elements, we have utilized a modern method of analysis of the bimetallic layers - mass spectrometry by ions extraction, with the help of the laser probe. By the interaction of the laser pencil of rays with the sample qualitative and qualitative information are obtained regarding the elements present in the studied sample, pointing out the precipitation phenomenon and the influence of this one on the characteristics of the bimetallic layers.

Keywords: bimetallic bushes, laser spectrometry.

Posted by Petrica Corabieru


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