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Corabieru, Petrica; Velieu, Stefan; Zait, Dumitru; Corabieru, Anisoara; Vasilescu, Dan Dragos. TENDENCES AND PERSPECTIVES REGARDING THE RECYCLING OF AUTOMOTIVE WASTE. In ENVIRONMENTAL ENGINEERING AND MANAGEMENT JOURNAL, 8 (5), pp. 1151-1154. 2009.

Abstract: Alignment of the manufacture technologies to the environment European directives requirements represents a modern approach of the environment issues considered as integrant part of the lasting development which will represent one of the connecting ways of the Romanian economy to the globalization process. In the present work a pertinent study is made regarding the harmonizing into the limits imposed by the environment European directives (Dir. 99/13/CE, Dir. 76/464/CEE and Dir. 2000/53/CE) requirements related to the solid and gaseous emissions resulted from the process of manufacture of the metallic component parts for auto-vehicles by the Romanian companies in the field. In the conclusions of the work, the authors suggest a series of measures for the alignment of the Romanian manufacturers' technologies in the field of the metallic component parts for auto-vehicles to the environment European directives.

Keywords: technologies for auto-vehicles component parts, environment European directives.

Posted by Petrica Corabieru


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