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Corabieru, Petrica; Velicu, Stefan; Corabieru, Anisoara; Vasilescu, Dan Dragos; Voda, Mircea. Research on the Wearing Resistance of Quaternary Alloys Covered with Polyester. MATERIALE PLASTICE, 46 (1), pp. 16-20, 2009.

Abstract: The actual tendencies of the European market of metallic component parts for auto vehicles impose the utilization of materials that lead to the increase of the products reliability and their framing into the matrix cost-quality imposed by the big European producers [4,9]. The covering of the quaternary alloys based on copper with polyester is inscribed among the technological procedures that aim at the improvement of the performances of the metallic parts of the auto vehicles with a view to reducing the percentage of putting out of function and decreasing of maintenance and service expenses, having as final purpose the increase of the competitiveness on an European market being in a strong competition. The present work spotlights the positive influence of the covering of the quaternary alloys CuNiAlSi with polyester impregnated with 10% graphite on the main mechanical characteristics, especially of the wearing resistance that has a direct effect on the increase of the functioning time in the total life cycle of the product.

Keywords: polyester graphite quaternary alloys

Posted by Petrica Corabieru


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