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Velicu, S.; Corabieru, P.; Vasilescu, D. D.; Corabieru, A., . The effect of the temperature on the electric resistivity of the quaternary alloys utilized in electronics. JOURNAL OF OPTOELECTRONICS AND ADVANCED MATERIALS, 10 (6), , 10 (6), pp. 1421-1424, 2008.

Abstract: The actual tendency in the world is to use the quaternary alloys in electro technique and electronics as springs, elastic elements good conductors of electricity, as well as in electric welding under pressure in points. In the literature of specialty there is no data regarding the behaviour of these materials in the heating process. From here our interest for the study of the electric resistivity of the quaternary alloys in the heating process appeared. In the present work the electric resistivity of the quaternary alloys CuNiAlSi is studied, in the process of heating with an experimental device specially conceived, as well as the study of the structure by spectrometry and diffractometry that spotlights the strong influence of the phenomenon of precipitation on certain intervals of temperature on the electric resistivity.

Keywords: quaternary alloys, resistivity, temperature

Posted by Petrica Corabieru


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