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Velicu S, Corabieru P., Iliescu M., Zait D., Corabieru A., Vasilescu D. D. . Research regarding the superficial hardening by phase zone modifications. Sensors, Signals, Visualization, Imaging, Simulation & Materials, Proceedings of the 2nd WSEAS International Conference on Materials Science, pp. 58-63, 2009.

Abstract: The work studies the possibilities of metallic materials hardening, especially carbon steel and low alloyed steel, presenting the novelty elements related to the technological procedure, experimental installation, and study of quality, study of thermal processing, with a view to obtaining and determining the characteristics and structure of the superficial layers, the influence of the main metallurgical and technological factors. The originality of the suggested method of superficial hardening of plastic deformation tools by phase zone modification consists in the followings: the plastic deformation tools manufactured of low alloyed steels (C<0,3%) are packed in boxes with hardening mixtures (50% mixtures of metallic powders of Ni, Cr, V, Mo + 50% carburising mixtures); hardening is achieved by induction, being made concomitantly with the enrichment with carbon of the superficial layers and a micro-alloying of the layers with hard elements, achieving complex carbides.

Keywords: superficial hardening, phase zone modifications

Posted by Petrica Corabieru


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