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Corabieru A., Velicu S., Spalanzani A., Corabieru P., Vasilescu D. D. Aspects of innovative process on creative problem solving. In WSEAS (ed.), Proceedings of the International Conference on Risk Management, Assessment and Mitigation, pp. 199- 204. WSEAS, 2010.

Abstract: Article highlights the need to adapt motivation and management style in the innovative process. The need to evaluate and adapt management style and motivation involved in the definition of enterprise for sustainable development, that production and products to the principles of zero-loss and zero pollutant emissions. Adapting motivation and management style follows highlighting possibilities of correlation between innovative process- motivation system-system management style. In the current context of globalization the innovative solutions are the result of analyzes for several types of contradictions, leading to acceptable compromises for producers in relation with user's expectations → the products must have at least three of the four main base features: fast-cheap-good-clean. The present work spotlights the necessity of designing of the motivation system into the organisation framework, as well as the adaption of the management style in the creative settlement of the problems, in order for the motivation system and management style to become stimulating factors of the creativity and not blocking barriers for the creative processes. Conclusions promote the idea that stimulating innovation through the motivation and the appropriateness of management style is an effective way to increase the capacity to create and achieve new products with market demand.

Keywords: innovative process, creative problem

Posted by Petrica Corabieru


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