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Corabieru P., Zait D., Velicu S., Spalanzani A., Corabieru A., Sohaciu M. Provocations and creative mechanisms of the inter-organisational innovation. In WSEAS (ed.), WSEAS, The 7th WSEAS International Conference on Engineering Education, (EDUCATION ' 10). WSEAS, 2010.

Abstract: The study spotlights the main provocations and creative mechanisms of inter-organisational innovation, applied in the enterprise's management and research. The main concepts that imposed in the last two decades the inter-organisational innovation at the international level are: sharing of knowledge, strategic alliances, strategic partnership, strategic entrepreneurship and innovation in co-operation. Imposing these concepts and their utilisation until now is differentially achieved depending on the field specific features, which put its signature on the ratio activity - innovation - performances. The study brings out the necessity of re-dimensioning of innovation concept related to the performing management and lasting development, re-dimensioning that has to be based on the comparative study of the motivating factors. Identifying of the motivating system impact on the creativity is achieved through a deep study in the way of the approaching oriented towards results and of the process approach of the innovations both at micro as macro-economical level, with intra and inter-organisational effects. The innovative inter-organisational mechanisms are seen from the perspective of certain instruments of development of the evolutive aptitudes of the organisational systems, each of them having particularities depending on the field's specific features, but that holistically puts into evidence the importance and the complexity of the relation fellow - group - team - decision.

Keywords: inter-organisational innovation, management, enterprise's research

Posted by Petrica Corabieru


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