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Lozovan M., Dobrea V., Velicu S., Corabieru P., Iliescu M., Corabieru A., Vasilescu D. D., . Linear and angular displacement electromagnetic sensors. In WSEAS Press (ed.), Computers and Simulation in Modern Science, Volume II, II, pp. 75-78. WSEAS Press, 2008.

Abstract: In this paper we present a displacement-frequency sensor including a non-linear resistor with a dynatron-type i(v) dependence, a variable coil and a d.c. voltage source. A general relation is given for the dependence of the period of the oscillations on the coil inductance and on the negative variable resistance of the non-linear resistor respectively. The functioning data of the sensor are presented, for linear and angular displacement respectively. Our sensors could find interesting applications in cardiology.

Keywords: relaxation oscillator, linear and angular displacement sensor

Posted by Petrica Corabieru


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