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Parajka J, KohnovŠ S, BŠlint G, Barbuc, M, Borga M, Claps P, Cheval S, Dumitrescu A, Gaume, E, HlavcovŠ K, Merz R, Pfaundler M, Stancalie G, Szolgay J, BlŲschl G. . Seasonal characteristics of flood regimes across the Alpine-Carpathian range. Journal of Hydrology, 394(1-2), pp. 78-89, 2010.

Abstract: The aim of this paper is to analyse the differences in the long-term regimes of extreme precipitation and floods across the Alpine-Carpathian range using seasonality indices and atmospheric circulation patterns to understand the main flood-producing processes. This is supported by cluster analyses to identify areas of similar flood processes, both in terms of precipitation forcing and catchment processes. The results allow to isolate regions of similar flood generation processes including southerly versus westerly circulation patterns, effects of soil moisture seasonality due to evaporation and effects of soil moisture seasonality due to snow melt. In many regions of the Alpine-Carpathian range, there is a distinct shift in flood generating processes with flood magnitude as evidenced by a shift from summer to autumn floods. It is argued that the synoptic approach proposed here is valuable in both flood analysis and flood estimation.

Keywords: Seasonality, flood, Alpine-Carpathian range, flash-flood


Posted by Sorin Cheval


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