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Iulia Ghiu, Gunnar Bjork, Paulina Marian, and Tudor A. Marian. Probing light polarization with the quantum Chernoff bound. Physical Review A, 82, p. 023803, 2010.

Abstract: We recall the framework of a consistent quantum description of polarization
of light. Accordingly, the degree of polarization of a two-mode state
$hat rho$ of the quantum radiation field can be defined as a distance
of a related state ${hat rho}_b$ to the convex set of all SU(2) invariant
two-mode states. We explore a distance-type polarization measure in terms
of the quantum Chernoff bound and derive its explicit expression. A comparison between the Chernoff and Bures degrees of polarization leads to interesting conclusions for some particular states chosen
as illustrative examples.

Keywords: degree of polarization


Posted by Iulia Ghiu


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