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Cristian Ciocan. Notes sur l’évolution du problè me de la mort dans la pensée de Heidegger aprè s Sein und Zeit (1931-1935). Synthesis Philosophica, 24, pp. 297-315, 2009.

Abstract: This study intends to provide some benchmarks for a full analysis of the evolution of the problem of death in Heidegger’s thought developed after Sein und Zeit. The question that guides our investigation is how the phenomenology of death is still the center of Heidegger’s philosophical interest, after the analytic of Dasein. Our discussion focuses on the period 1931–1935, following a chronological order, in order to call attention to some of the distinct stages of the thought on death after Sein und Zeit. We begin by analyzing the reactions of Heidegger himself on the reception of the problem of death in the first period after the publication of Sein und Zeit. After that, we analyze the emergence of the subject of death in three courses: the course of the winter semester 1931–1932 (GA 34), the lecture from 1934/1935 on Hölderlin (GA 39), and the lecture in the summer of 1935 – An Introduction to Metaphysics (GA 40).

Keywords: death; finitude; phenomenology; turn; Martin Heidegger


Posted by Cristian Ciocan


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