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B Andraka, M E McBriarty, C R Rotundu. Low-temperature anomalies in the specific heat of PrOs4Sb12. Physical Review B, 81, p. 024517, 2010.

Abstract: The electronic specific heat of PrOs4Sb12 was measured on different single crystals at temperatures down to
40 mK using a relaxation method. All investigated crystals exhibited a broad shoulder in specific heat near
0.4 K. This anomaly seems to be related to that found previously in Sb nuclear quadrupolar resonance study
and possibly in lower critical-field and penetration-depth measurements. The onset of the specific-heat anomaly
shows no response to magnetic fields as large as 0.2 T. These results imply a modification of superconducting
properties (and normal-state properties) rather than appearance of a new superconducting phase at low temperatures.
Our measurement detects low-temperature nuclear specific heat, which we suggest might be due to
nuclear quadrupolar specific heat of Pr atoms, frozen in off-center positions.

Keywords: PrOs4Sb12, heavy fermion superconductor, heat capacity


Posted by Costel R Rotundu


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