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Ioan Cosma, Adrian Cosma. Natural Scale for Employee' s Payment Based on the Entropy Law . . Physics Conference -TIM-2008, Timisoara, 28-29 Nov. American Institute of Physics -AIP- Conference Proceedings 1131, pp. 154-159, 2009.

Abstract: An econophysical modeling fated to establish an equitable scale of employees' salary in accordance with the importance and effectiveness of labor is considered. Our model, based on the concept and law of entropy, can designate all the parameters connected to the level of personal incomes and taxations, and also to the distribution of employees versus amount of salary in any remuneration system. Consistent with the laws of classical and statistical thermodynamics, this scale reveal that the personal incomes increased progressively in a natural logarithmic way, different compared with other scales arbitrary established by the governments of each country or by employing companies.

Keywords: econophysics, entropy, scale of salary.

Posted by Ioan Cosma


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