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Balas, V. E.; Ceregan, V.; Codrean, A.; Dragomir, T. L. Extension of a control structure with PSAIC. In Soft Computing Applications, 2009. SOFA ' 09. 3rd International Workshop on, pp. 83-86. IEEE Xplore Digital Library, 2009.

Abstract: The interpolative control structures, in fuzzy or other variants, don't achieve very good performances when the controlled plant contains dead times. In [4] an interpolative adaptive controller is presented, named PSAIC, which for certain types of plants offers good performances regarding variations of the plant's parameters, and particulary for some small variations of the dead time. This paper enhances this structure so that it can have good performances even for great variations of the dead time. The proposed solution consists in using liniar correction blocks on the upstream and downsteam of the controlled plant. Through a PD operation very good performances are obtained. This solution is suitable for an adaptive type implementation.

Keywords: interpolative-type control, interpolative controller, dead time, PD compensator, control performances


Posted by Valentina E. Balas


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