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AD Corlan, RS Macleod, L Deambroggi. Low variability of autocorrelation maps with intrathoracic heart position. In Int. J. Bioelectromagnetism, 5, pp. 139-140. 2003.

Abstract: We computed and compared autocorrelation maps (AC maps) from

ECG recordings obtained on human thorax shaped electrolytic filled

tanks in which a perfused dog heart was immersed at various

geometrical displacements (in a range of 5--6~cm on $x$, $y$ and $z$),

by considering the correlation between instantaneous potential

distributions at each pair of instants over the QT interval. The

correlation coeficient between AC maps was in the range of 0.92--0.99

while between the corresponding QRST integral maps it was in the range

of 0.55--0.87, prooving that AC maps are ECG representations with

low dependence on the thorax electrical properties.

Keywords: Body surface ECG maps, autocorrelation maps, forward problem of electrocardiography


Posted by Alexandru Dan Corlan


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