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R. Pop, V. Simon, I. Cosma, M. Coldea. Magnetic behavior of oxide lead-bismutate glasses containing transitional metal elements. . Mod. Phys. Lett. B, , 15, pp. 1231-1236 , 2001.

Abstract: Abstract: The investigated samples are obtained by adding to the 3Bi2O3•2PbO glass matrix the transition metal oxides Fe2O3 or MnO up to 20 mol%. The temperature dependencies of the magnetic susceptibility evidence negative paramagnetic Curie temperatures suggesting the antiferromagnetic nature of the magnetic interaction between the transition metal (TM) ions in the samples studied. According to the magnetic moment values, calculated from the experimental data, the valence state of the iron ions changes from Fe3+ to Fe2+ and that of manganese ions from Mn2+ to Mn3+ as the concentration x increases from 1 to 20 mol%.

Keywords: 3Bi2O3•2PbO & Fe2O3 or MnO glass, Magnetic properties

Posted by Ioan Cosma


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