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L. Gimeno, O. Vidal, R. Nieto, L. dela Torre, R. Garcia, E. Hernandez, R. Bojariu, P. Ribera, D. Gallego. Impact of the extratropical dynamical modes upon troposphere temperature using an approach based on advection of temperature. International Journal of Climatology, 23, pp. 399-404, 2003.

Abstract: Advection of temperature (AT) is used to diagnose the influence of changes in extratropical circulation on air temperature. AT is calculated at 3 different levels (850, 500 and 200 hPa) for the period 1958-98 using NCEP-NCAR reanalysis data.

Keywords: advection of temperature, Arctic Oscillation, Antarctic Oscillation

Posted by Roxana Bojariu


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