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Neamtu M., C. Catrinescu, A. Yediler, A. Kettrup. Catalytic wet peroxide oxidation of Reactive Yellow 84 azo dye over heterogeneous catalyst. In Ed. Alfons Vogelpohl (ed.), Oxidation Technologies for water and wastewater treatment - Special Topic: AOPs for Recycling and Reuse, 1, pp. 899-904. Claustahl: Papierflieger Verlag, Germany, 2003.

Abstract: This paper evaluates the degradation of a reactive azo dye, Reactive Yellow 84, on three iron exchanged ultrastable Y zeolites by catalytic wet hydrogen peroxide oxidation (CWHPO). The catalysts were prepared by ion-exchange, starting from a commercially available ultrastable Y zeolite. All experiments were performed on a laboratory scale set-up. The results show that it is possible to remove 96.90% of color, 70.70% of COD and 34.52% of TOC using Fe-Y11.5 catalyst after the 60 minutes of oxidation at pH=5, t=50C and 20 mmol H2O2/L. After the same reaction time and under the same conditions, using Fe-Y5 catalyst, 99.93% of color, more than 74.14% of COD and 64.21% of TOC were obtained. Using heterogeneous catalysts, it is possible to work at initial pH values close to 5.0 obtaining almost a total elimination of color and a significant COD/TOC removal, without generating additional pollution by iron hydroxide sludges. The most effective results were obtained by use of the Fe-Y5 zeolite.

Keywords: CWPO, Reactive Yellow 84, USY-zeolites

Posted by Mariana Neamtu


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