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Ioan Cosma, Tania Ristoiu, Simona Nicoara. Physical principles and calculus of the zone grating plate antennas for receiving satellite TV-signals. 9th Mediterranean Electrotechnical Conference IEEE May18-20, 1998, Tel-Aviv Israel , PROCEEDINGS VOL I, pp. 270-273, 1998.

Abstract: A new type of antenna is presented, to be used in receiving the electromagnetic waves retransmitted by motionless satellites. The paper deals with the theoretical considerations, design and geometric data necessary to realise the Fresnel zone plate antennae. The calculus was performed for both the normal and the oblique beam incidence on the zone type grating antenna. The device is simple, plane and efficient at lower costs than those involved by the use of ordinary parabolic dishes

Keywords: Fresnel zones plate antennae, Principles, Calculus

Posted by Ioan Cosma


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