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M. Brezeanu, T. Butler, G. A. J. Amaratunga, F. Udrea, N. Rupesinghe, S. Rashid. On-state behaviour of diamond Schottky diodes . Diamond and Related Materials, Volume 17, Issues 4-5, pp. 736-740 , 2008.

Abstract: Synthetic diamond power Schottky structures have the capability of sustaining significant reverse voltages with rather thin drift layers. Diamond Schottky barrier diodes (SBDs) also exhibit promising on-state behaviour. This paper looks at the influence of temperature and drift doping on the forward characteristics of these devices. Physical explanations for the variation of the forward current with the forward voltage, together with equations which aim to model this dependence, are also presented.

Keywords: Synthetic diamond, Schottky diodes, Device modelling, High power electronics


Posted by Mihai Brezeanu


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