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Banciu, M. . “Liposomal Targeting of Glucocorticoids to Inhibit Tumor Angiogenesis”. 2007.

Abstract: Liposomes are little vesicles composed of phospholipid bilayers, which can be loaded with drugs. It is known that such drug-loaded liposomes can accumulate in tumors. This way, it is possible to improve the effectiveness of many chemotherapeutics and to decrease the side effects. Recently we demonstrated that encapsulation of glucocorticoids in liposomes surprisingly enough induce a strong anti-tumor effect. A possible mechanism for this anti-tumor effect could be a decrease in blood vessel growth, through which the tumor receives less oxygen and nutrients. The aim of this project is to track down the mechanism whereby liposomal glucocorticoids achieve anti-tumor efficacy.

Keywords: drug targeting, glucocorticoids, cancer

Posted by Manuela Banciu


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