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Banciu, M., Schiffelers, R. M., Metselaar, J. M., Storm, G. . Utility of Targeted Glucocorticoids in Cancer Therapy. . J Liposome Res. , 18(1), pp. 47-57, 2008.

Abstract: Glucocorticoids can inhibit solid tumor growth via downregulation of tumorassociated
inflammation/angiogenesis. In this minireview we describe the possible
mechanisms of glucocorticoid action in tumor growth inhibition. We also present an
overview of the current status of tumor-targeted glucocorticoid delivery. It appears
that long-circulating liposomes are the only targeting system currently being explored
for this purpose.

Keywords: glucocorticoids, tumor targeting, angiogenesis, inflammation

Posted by Manuela Banciu


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