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Cristina Albu. Entropic Discourse in Thoreauís Walden and Robert Smithsonís Spiral Jetty. In Irina Pana (ed.), The Sense of America. Histories into Text . University of Bucharest, 2009.

Abstract: This paper parallels and contrasts the entropic imagery and rhetorical devices of Thoreau and Smithson, showing that both of them take similar approaches to constructing their texts on nature. Despite the fact that they have strikingly different views on the relation between nature and civilization and contrasting ecological agendas, their discourses are articulated around similar forms of entropic rhetoric based on digressions, combinational leaps, hyperboles, word plays, and meaning amplifications.

Keywords: Henry Thoreau, Robert Smithson, Land Art, environmental discourse

Posted by Cristina Albu


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