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Ruxanda, G., Stancu, M., Vizireanu, S., Dinescu, G., Ciuparu, D. . Varieties of carbon nanostructures obtained by the AC arc discharge method. JOURNAL OF OPTOELECTRONICS AND ADVANCED MATERIALS, 10(8), pp. 2047-2051, 2008.

Abstract: Here we report on the varieties of carbon nanostructures obtained in an AC arc discharge with graphite electrodes loaded with Ni and Fe powders. The nanostructures produced were characterized by TEM and Raman spectroscopy. Because there is a lack of agreement concerning the active regions for the formation of carbon nanostructure with respect to the arc position in the reaction chamber, we have sampled and characterized the nanostructures formed in different regions in our arc discharge reactor. The Raman spectra indicate the presence of the "crystalline" phases in the material. The TEM results confirm that MWCNT (multi walls carbon nanotubes) are dominant, but also single wall nanohorns, polyhedral nanostructures, onion like graphite particles can be found in the plasmogenic product collected from different regions of the arc chamber.

Keywords: arc discharge; carbon nanostructures; TEM investigation


Posted by Dragos Ciuparu


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