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REZSO THIESZ, ATTILA BANDI, MAGDOLNA TOTH, ADALBERT BALOG. Evaluation of an isolated Persian walnut (Juglans regia L. ) population from Eastern Transylvania, Romania. JOURNAL OF FOOD, AGRICULTURE & ENVIRONMENT, in press, 2008.

Abstract: During the study an isolated walnut population were investigated in Eastern Transylvania, Romania. Our aims were to collect information for improving the present assortment of scion cultivars for National and International Breeding Program. Altogether 147 walnut individuals were investigated in order to study the main biological characteristics of the trees and the main physical and qualitative characteristics of the nuts. The walnut population studied in our experiment can be considered as a genetically valuable. 11% of the individuals flowered between 29th of April and 10th of May, thus preventing late spring frost damage. Such types bear in our climate on lateral shoots with great frequency and also have high quality fruit. 89% of the individuals presented medium flowering time between 18th and 28th of April. This may suffer injuries from late spring frost frequent in this area; however the spring frost damage was low and have high quality fruit. Among the 147 individuals 10 presented the best proportion of kernel mass compared with endocarp. Sensory characteristics of the nuts (size, colour, strength and flavour of kernel) in case of the most valuable individuals, considered as prospective elites, were tested and compared with internationally recognised cultivars (‘Franquette’, ‘Hartley’, ‘Milotai 10’ and ‘Alsószentiváni 117’). Comparing the total quality scores of the 14 investigated elites and cultivars, we can observe that only one presented lover score (Ozsd-37), however its strength and flavour were similar to other cultivars. According to our studies, many individuals from this isolated population presented the same quality properties as some internationally recognized cultivars.

Keywords: Flowering periods, size, colour, strength, flavour of kernel, prospective elites


Posted by Adalbert Balog


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