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Aionicesei E, Skerget M, Knez Z. Measurement and modeling of the CO2 solubility in poly(ethylene glycol) of different molecular weights. Journal of Chemical and Engineering Data, 53, pp. 185-188, 2008.

Abstract: The solubility of scCO2 in solid (298 K) and melted (323 K) PEG, in the pressure range (7 to 25) MPa was measured using a Magnetic Suspension Balance. The phase behavior of the CO2 + PEG system was modeled by using Sanchez-Lacombe and SAFT EOS. The results show a good solubility of CO2 in polymer and a good accuracy of the thermodynamic models in describing the phase equilibrium of the working system. The experimental data are also in good agreement with the solubility values previously described in literature, obtained by employing different experimental techniques.

Keywords: poly(ethylene glycol), supercritical CO2, magnetic suspension balance, Sanchez-Lacombe eos, SAFT model

Posted by Elena Aionicesei


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