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Clenci Adrian, Podevin Pierre, Biziiac Adrian, Descombes Georges, Hara Vasile. DEVELOPMENT OF A VARIABLE VALVE LIFT AND TIMING SYSTEM FOR LOW PART LOADS EFFICIENCY IMPROVEMENT. Proceeding of the European Automotive Congress, -, pp. -, 2007.

Abstract: The VVA system that is to be presented in this paper is actually a variable intake valve lift and timing mechanism (VVLT) and is part of a larger project whose final goal is to combine it with variable compression ratio and turbocharging in the context of the downsizing technique. Such an engine, entitled adaptive thermal engine, is currently in progress of being developed at the University of Pitesti. Due to its complexity, a primary stage was firstly to prove only the operational abilities of the VVLT system. Thus, two VVLT in-line 4 cylinders engine prototypes were developed featuring:
-OHV type mechanism, 2 valves/cylinder, 1.4 litres displacement, SPI fuel system;
-OHC type mechanism, 2 valves/cylinder, 1.6 litres displacement, MPI fuel system;
Recently, it has been also proved the ability of these engines to run unthrottled.

Keywords: spark ignition engine, fuel economy, load control, variable intake valve lift, synthesis

Posted by Adrian CLENCI


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