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Balas, M. M.; Balas, V. E.; Duplaix, J.; . Optimizing the Distance-Gap between Cars by Constant Time to Collision Planning. In Industrial Electronics, 2007. ISIE 2007. IEEE International Symposium on, pp. 304 - 309. 2007.

Abstract: The paper is focused on the optimal control of the distance gap between following cars, using TTCDPs (Time to Collision Distance Planners). This planner is designed on the base of the constant time to collision criterion, using a functional computer model of the following car. The TTCDP is compared to the conventional AICC (Autonomous Intelligent Cruise Control) polynomial imposed distance-gap between cars. TTCDP is able to optimize the distance-gap between cars in an adaptive manner, for any desired intensity of the traffic flow and with respect to the specific technical data of the following car.

Keywords: adaptive control automated highways automobiles collision avoidance optimal control road traffic velocity control


Posted by Valentina E. Balas


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