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Balas, M. M., Balas, V. E., Balas-Timar, D. V., Szantho, L. R. . The fuzzy-interpolative methodology in soft computing. WSEAS Transactions on Information Science and Applications 3 (9), pp. pp. 1625-1, 2006.

Abstract: The paper is discussing about the utility of the fuzzy-interpolative methodology in soft computing. The fuzzy-interpolative controllers are fuzzy controllers that may be equalled with linear interpolative networks. They are alloying the advantages of the linguistic representation of knowledge offered by the fuzzy side with the easiness of the interpolative implementations. This methodology is perfectly matching the fuzzy expert systems for their development stage as well as for their implementations. Some fuzzy-interpolative expert systems are presented: a psychological one which is offering consultancy on the human relation issue and three medical ones, focused on monitoring the babies' growth, the kidney diseases and lung diseases.

Keywords: Action pattern; Emotional tension; Fuzzy-interpolative; Look-up table


Posted by Valentina E. Balas


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