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ADALBERT BALOG, VIKTOR MARKÓ. Rove beetles (Coleoptera: Staphylinidae) in Central European apple and pear orchards – Comparative studies of species richness abundance and diversity. JOURNAL OF PLANT PROTECTION RESEARCH, 47/3, pp. 309-320, 2007.

Abstract: The dominance, diversity and activity density of rove beetles were studied in Central European
apple and pear orchards. Altogether 6 877 individuals, belonging to 271 species and 11 subfamilies
were collected. Thirteen species presented a relative abundance from 9 to 2% and amounted
to almost 56% of all staphylinids recorded. In dominance order they were: Dinaraea angustula (Gyllenhal),
Omalium caesum Gravenhorst, Drusilla canaliculata (F.), Sphenoma abdominale Mannerheim, Palporus
nitidulus (F.), Xantholinus linearis (Olivier), Dexiogya corticina (Erichson), Coprochara bipustulata
L., Mocyta orbata (Erichson), Oligota pumilio Kiessenwetter, Xanthlinus longiventris (Olivier), Tachyporus
hypnorum (F.) and Pycnota vicina (Kraatz). The alpha diversity of staphylinids for different environmental
conditions was relatively similar but the Shannon-Weiner Index (H`) was higher than of other
similar studies. However, the activity density was higher in pear, in sand and in abandoned plantations;
under different environmental conditions this could not be considered uniform in time. After
the cumulative studies on the population dynamics, one can conclude that the highest number of
species can be found in spring and in summer. Species D. canaliculata and P. nitidulus presented the
similar seasonal dynamics in orchards located in different environmental areas, while O. caesum had
the same activity density both in apple and pear orchards.

Keywords: words: habitat, orchards, rove beetles, soil structure, treatment


Posted by Adalbert Balog


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