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ADALBERT BALOG, VIKTOR MARKÓ. Studies on rove beetles (Coleoptera: Staphylinidae) in hungarian orchards ecosystems. JOURNAL OF FRUIT AND ORNAMENTAL PLANT RESEARCH, 14 (Suppl. 3), pp. 149-159, 2006.

Abstract: Dominance and distributions of rove beetles in apple and pear orchards were
studied in Hungary. Omalium caesum, Sphenoma abdominale, Drusilla canaliculata,
Palporus nitidulus, Dexiogyia corticina, Mocyta orbata, Oligota pumilio and
Purrolinus laeticeps were the species usually found with higher relative abundance in
the orchard staphylinid communities. Although these species occurred in most of the
orchards, their abundance varied considerably and their relative abundance in the total
sample was under nine percent.
Considering the different soil types, staphylinid species were more frequently
found in sandy or sandy-loam soils than in clay, but the difference was not significant.
The staphylinids were frequently found in the conventionally treated and also in the
abandoned plantations. The soil types, herb cover of the orchards and the treatments
played role in forming the staphylinid communities in the orchards.

Keywords: Staphylinidae, dominance, distributions, apple, pear, orchards, Hungary


Posted by Adalbert Balog


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