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Catalin Nicolae Calistru. PENDULAR Control Systems-Trial To Unify Control Design Approaches. In IEEE tttc Proceedings of AQTR (THETA 14), Cluj Napoca, Tome I, pp. 503-509. 2004.

Abstract: Abstract:-The paper presents a new class of variable structure systems so called PENDULAR Control systems. PENDULAR (Pendulum Efficiency with Non-linear Dynamics and Unconventional Law in Achievement of Robustness) systems are Variable Structure Systems (VSS) with a simple structure. A short description of these systems, the study of stability and the Essential PENDULAR system is presented in the paper. Illustrative examples are detailed. The simulation results show the efficiency of PENDULAR systems.
Keywords: variable structure system, nonlinear control, robustness

Specification: "Excellency Diploma"

Keywords: IEEE Proceedings+CDROM


Posted by Catalin Nicolae Calistru


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