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R Pietri, C R Rotundu, B Andraka, B Daniels, and K Ingersent. Absence of Kondo lattice coherence effects in Ce0. 6La0. 4Pb3: magnetic field study. Journal of Applied Physics, 95, p. 10A510, 2005.

Abstract: The specific heat of polycrystalline Ce0.6La0.4Pb3 has been measured in magnetic fields ranging from 0 to 14 T. After subtraction of a lattice contribution, the specific heat between 1 K and 10 K is well described by the S=(1/2) single-impurity Kondo model with just one adjustable parameter: the zero-field Kondo temperature. In particular, the variation in the temperature and the height of the peak in C vs T is captured with good accuracy. This fit suggests that lattice coherence effects play no significant role in the magnetic-field response of this concentrated

Keywords: Kondo, specific heat


Posted by Costel R Rotundu


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