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Neamtu M., Siminiceanu I., Kettrup A. . Kinetics of Nitromusk Compounds Degradation in Water by Ultraviolet Radiation and Hydrogen Peroxide. Chemosphere, vol. 40/12, pp. 1407-1410, 2000.

Abstract: The photodegradation of five representative nitromusk compounds in water has been performed in a stirred batch photoreactor with a UV low-pressure immersed mercury lamp, at constant temperature and different doses of hydrogen peroxide. The rate constants have been calculated on the basis of experimental data an a postulated first-order kinetic model. The rate constants, at 298K and a dose of 1.175 µmol/L H2O2 ranges from 0.357 x 10-3 s-1 for musk tibetene, to 1.785 x 10-3 s-1 for musk ambrette.

Keywords: nitromusk, photodegradation, products


Posted by Mariana Neamtu


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