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Iulia Ghiu and A. Karlsson. Broadcasting of entanglement at a distance using linear optics and telecloning of entanglement. Physical Review A, 72, p. 032331, 2005.

Abstract: We propose a scheme for broadcasting entanglement at a distance based on linear optics. We show that an initial polarization entangled state can be simultaneously split and transmitted to a pair of observers situated at different locations with the help of two conditional Bell-state analyzers based on two beam splitters characterized by the same reflectivity R. In particular for R=1/3, the final states coincide with the output states obtained by the broadcasting protocol proposed by Buzek et al. [Phys. Rev. A 55, 3327 (1997)]. Further we present a different protocol called telecloning of entanglement, which combines the many-to-many teleportation and nonlocal optimal asymmetric cloning of an arbitrary entangled state. This scheme allows the optimal transmission of the two nonlocal optimal clones of an entangled state to two pairs of spatially separated receivers.

Keywords: broadcasting of entanglement


Posted by Iulia Ghiu


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