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Cezar Campeanu, Andrei Paun, Jason R. Smith. An Incremental Algorithm for Constructing Minimal Deterministic Finite Cover Automata. Theoretical Computer Science, 363(2), pp. 135-148, 2006.

Abstract: We present a fast incremental algorithm for constructing minimal Deterministic Finite Cover Automata (DFCA) for a given language. Since it was shown that the minimal DFCA for a language L has less states than the minimal Deterministic Finite Automata (DFA) for the same language L, this technique seems to be the best choice for incrementally building the automaton for a large language, especially when the number of states in the DFCA is significantly less than the number of states in the corresponding minimal DFA. We have implemented the proposed algorithm and have tested it against the best-known DFCA minimization technique.

Keywords: Deterministic Finite Cover Automata (DFCA); DFA; DFCA minimization; Incremental construction


Posted by Cezar Campeanu


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