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Veturia Chiroiu and Ligia Munteanu. On the free vibrations of a piezoceramic hollow sphere. Mechanics Research Communications, 34 (2 ), pp. 123-129, 2007.

Abstract: The aim of the paper is to analyze the free vibrations of a piezoceramic hollow sphere with radial polarization. Using the cnoidal method and a genetic algorithm solves the equations of a radially inhomogeneous spherically isotropic piezoelastic medium. The Reddy and the cosine laws represent the functionally graded property of material. It is seen that for a piezoceramic hollow sphere, the piezoelectric effect consists in increasing the values for the natural frequencies in the specified classes of vibrations.

Keywords: Hollow sphere, Free vibrations, Piezoelasticity, Graded material, Cnoidal method, Genetic algorithm


Posted by Veturia Chiroiu


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