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Nicholas Buzbuchi, Emil Oanta, Cristian Dinescu. Marine Engine and Engine Room Simulation in System Design and Training in Constantza Maritime University. In The Proceedings of the International Maritime Lecturers' Association Newletter, the Third International Conference on Engine Room Simulation ICERS3, Svendborg, Denmark. 1997.

Abstract: The paper is an attempt to create a computer simulation of the marine engine and of the engine room used for training activities in Constantza Maritime Univesity, Romania. Starting from an original software package, the authors present the possible formation of on-board data bank for the propulsion system: the engine simulation models, fed with appropriate input data corresponding to the actual operating conditions and predicting an expected or reference response supplying in this way the information in the data bank; the signal from sensors placed on the engine are processed and directed to the central management unit which contains the subsystems for fault diagnosis, performance optimisation and condition based maintenance scheduling.

Keywords: computer simulation, marine engine, on-board management contol unit

Posted by Nicolae Buzbuchi


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