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Gabriel Istrate, Anders Hansson, Charles D. Tallman, Leticia Cuellar-Hengartner and Nicolas Hengartner. Towards Generative Activity-based Models for Large-scale Socio-technical Simulations. In D. Sallach, C. Macal and M. North (eds.), Proceedings of The AGENT 2006 Conference " Social Agents. Results and Prospects" , ANL/DIS-06-7, ISBN 0-9679178-7-9, co-sponsored by Argonne National Laboratory and The University of Chicago. 2006.

Abstract: An approach to activity modeling based on the theory of random graphs has been proposed in Eubank et al. (Nature 2004). The approach does not represent temporal duration and activity type information,
and does not yield a full activity generator. We present a number of
theoretical concepts and experimental results supporting this goal. They include

(i) the use of multi-labeled bipartite graphs to represent the missing information

(ii) the automatic inference of the label set via temporal clustering of activities

(iii) we highlight the existence and role of clustering and community structure, a feature of real activity sets that needs to be incorporated in the model.

Keywords: social simulation, activity modeling, random graphs, cultural similarity, computational social theory


Posted by Gabriel Istrate


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