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Nicolae George Dragulanescu. Contribution a l' histoire de la science et des techniques de l' information. Approche biculturelle franco-roumaine/ Contribution to the History of Information Scence and Technology. A Bicultural French-Romanian Approach. 1999.

Abstract: This thesis (written in French) represents a research work accomplished from a triple point of view scientific, technical and historical.It is inviting us to perceive the worldwide achievements of the future Information Science.
The historical approach is rich under the two spaces and relatively exhaustively.The scientific, technical and historial contexts are alwazs presentin the writing, which is consistent and managed with constant care for the esssential necessary and sufficient for comprehension.
The topics are generous but the extensive content of this book could be explored without dificulties since the author's style is precise and concise.
Professor Claude GIMENES
Institut National des Telecommunications, Evry,France

Keywords: information science, information technology


Posted by Nicolae George Drăgulănescu


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