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Veturia Chiroiu, Petru Stiuca, Ligia Munteanu, Stefania Donescu. Introducere in nanomecanica. Editura Academiei, 2005.

Abstract: The main aim of nanomechanics is the modeling and characterization of the mechanical behavior of nanostructured materials and nanoelectromechanical systems. Scientific developments in this area include the creation of new materials with novel mechanical properties based on tailored nanostructures, understanding how mechanical responses and nonlinearities are influenced by building structures and components at the nanometer length scale, the atomistic-continuum models, the behavior of carbon nanotubes, the exoelectron emission etc.
The book provides an introduction to nanomechanics, being addressed to engineers, mathematicians, and practitioners interested in nanotehnology with applications in mechanics, physics, earth and life sciences.

Keywords: atomistic-continuum models, nanostructured materials, carbon nanotubes, NEMS, exoelectronic emission

Posted by Veturia Chiroiu


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