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CLENCI A., IVAN Fl., RACOTA R. . The Need for supercharging the Miller cycle Engine. In Prima conferinta internationala, SMAT, Craiova. 2001.

Abstract: This paper presents a further investigation into the effect of higher-expansion cycle in a spark ignition engine, realized either by late or by early intake valve(s) closing. This kind of cycle is called Miller cycle. Any of these two methods goes to a reduced specific output due to the decreasing of volumetric efficiency. Thatís why, a Miller cycle engine has to be supercharged.
Thus the paper presents some results regarding the effect of supercharging the Miller cycle spark ignition engine, results which were obtained by thermodynamic simulation. Finally, it comes up that mechanical supercharging is the suited one, in order to capitalize the potential of a Miller cycle s.i. engine.

Keywords: Miller cycle, overexpansion, supercharging, efficiency

Posted by Adrian CLENCI


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