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HARA V., CLENCI A. . The Adaptive Thermal Engine The Next Step In powertrain. In Proceedings of the Global Powertrain Congress, Detroit. 2000.

Abstract: In a century of internal combustion engine with piston and valves development, automatic regulation of air-fuel ratio and spark advance in function of speed and load were realized.
Nowadays, the only way to obtain lower consumption and pollution is to provide this engine with automatic control systems such as variable valve timing and variable compression ratio.
This paper describes the construction, a short calculus and some of the performances of the adaptive thermal engine with the variable compression ratio and variable valve lift, which is the subject of the Romanian patent no. 111863B. Also the paper shows that the adaptive thermal engine is suited for turbocharging.

Keywords: spark ignition engine, automatic regulation, variable compression ratio and intake valve lift, fuel economy

Posted by Adrian CLENCI


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