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HARA V., CLENCI A. . The Adaptive Thermal Engine – The best suitable for turbocharging. In Proceedings of the Global Powertrain Congress, Detroit. 2002.

Abstract: From the wide variety of car engine’s working regime two extreme situations have the biggest importance: intense city traffic with low speed and load and highway traffic with high speed and load.
The purpose of this paper is to show that the adaptive thermal engine operates with lower consumption and pollution with respect to actual engine for the first situation and it can also give high power output for small displacement in the second situation, using variable intake valve lift, variable compression ratio and turbocharging.
Such an engine, described also in this paper, is the subject of Romanian patents no. 111863B and 111212 (“Adaptive thermal engine” and “Valve train system with regulation of valve lift”). This engine was designed, built and then experimented with good results for entire range of working regimes.

Keywords: variable compression ratio, variable intake valve lift, turbocharging, fuel economy

Posted by Adrian CLENCI


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