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CLENCI A., HARA V., DESCOMBES G. . Variableness A major key in engine development. Proceedings of the World FISITA Automotive Congress, Helsinki, 2002.

Abstract: In a century of car engine development, only two processes were subject to automatization: air-fuel mixture ratio and spark advance angle. Therefore, it is obvious that going even further with automatization of another two engine parameters, such as compression ratio and intake valve(s) lift, will lead to improved performances.
Many thermal engine designers have tried, so far, to achieve variable compression ratio and variable valve(s) lift, especially as a fundamental way for car engine development. The adaptive engine presented in this paper is an intrinsec, automatic self-regulation system with fast response time and in the same time, it is a natural development of the classic engine. It is entirely designed and experimented in its main functions.
After a short presentation of this hinged engine concept, the squish motion intensity, which is also variable at this engine (including convective heat transfer) will be analyzed.

Keywords: Variable compression ratio, variable intake valve(s) lift, hinged engine, squish motion, heat transfer

Posted by Adrian CLENCI


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