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O. P. Balaj, I. Balteanu, B. S. Fox-Beyer, M. K. Beyer and V. E. Bondybey. Addition of a Hydrogen Atom to Acetonitrile by Hydrated Electrons in Nanodroplets. Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. , 42, pp. 5516-5518, 2003.

Rezumat: Our studies indicate that reactivity studies of organic molecules in nanodroplets that contain hydrated electrons can yield information that is not available by pulsed radiolysis studies of bulk solutions. In the cluster study, the product compositions can be clearly identified by mass spectrometry. In the present case, it was shown that the hydrated electron induces the transfer of an H atom from water to acetonitrile. The formation of a solvent-stabilized radical anion as a reactive intermediate is suggested to be a possible first step in the organic chemistry of the hydrated electron.

Cuvinte cheie: gas-phase reactions, hydrated electrons, hydrogen transfer, nanodroplets, radical ions

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